Miracles of the Mysterious Moonstone

Pale, milky and white it also flashes a luster of translucence that makes it prized as one of the world's most fascinating Gemstones. It is moonstone, a variety of feldspar and one of June's designated birthstones. Most of the finest, gem quality moonstones come from the Sri Lanka.

MOONSTONE seem to glow with a light reminiscent of moonlight and perhaps this very quality caused it to be associated with the moon. Legend has it that the gem is ruled by varying phases of the lunar body, theoretically imparting more strength to its wearer during waxing rather than waning stages.

Emblematically, the gem is associated with the spirit of hope. Perhaps because of long association of lovers with moon light, moonstone has been created with helping to reunite lovers who have parted on less than amicable terms. But the stone has also been used as a kind of talisman for people having complaints caused by lung ailments, dropsy, circulatory problems and fever. Very Often, other qualities are ascribed to the gemstone, some believe that MOONSTONE will protect travelers on land or sea, enable individuals to be prophetic, clear and free thought processes or any confusion (providing the stone is held in one's mouth), secure a person against enemies or treachery.

Although many skeptics scoff at such legends, almost everyone enjoys the MOONSTONE'S luminescent beauty.

The Moon has always inspired poets and songwriters, and has served as a symbol for romantic and mystified mood. The same magical glamour does surround the gemstone which has derived its name from the natural satellite of the earth: the MOONSTONE.

The classical country of origin for moonstone is Sri Lanka (the former Ceylon). Here the stone which is supposed to bring sweat dreams is mined directly in the rocks.

Many religions ascribed special importance to the stone.

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